Anti Poaching


Your Safety

All club members have the authority of the club to request to see current membership card or day ticket permission which should be shown without question.

Any members requesting to see permission must show their membership badge as a proof of authority.

Should you not be able to see the relevant document, please request the person to cease fishing with immediate effect.

The onus is on the person being asked to provide the relevant document(s) and not the member requesting the information to validate the individual.

Should at any stage the person fishing become aggressive or refuse to cease fishing please do not put yourself in harms way to remove yourself from the situation and call the local police station at Hillsborough, 0114 219 7219 or 101, giving details of the situation and any description you can of the individual(s) concerned including any vehicles and number plates if possible.

Any photography or video of the individual(s) poaching will be helpful in any prosecution.

It would also be advised to report the incident to the environment agency using the link below.


Should any member be seen to be taking more than the allocated number of rainbow trout (dependent on time of year), brown trout or perch, they will be subject to a disciplinary hearing where their membership may be terminated and no refund shall be given.

Report incidents directly to the Environment Agency

Action Against Poaching


Together with Environment help line and South Yorkshire police 6 poacher's have been charged for fishing without a current and correct licence . South Yorkshire Police have a wildlife officer based at Deepcar police station called Liz Wilson who will be making visits to reservoir a different times to keep a check to see these people do not return so do not be surprised if you are asked to show your licence and memberships card which should be carried at all  times when fishing. 

If any members need to report anyone fishing illegally report it to the Environmental Help line on 0800 807060 the more reports the better. Also fill in a report on South Yorkshire Police 101 on line service as PC Liz Wilson will deal with these. 

A mobile number for PC Liz Wilson ( which will be answered when on Duty)  will be displayed in Fishing hut be along with Deepcar police station direct line but cannot be displayed on web Site. 

PC Wilson has also got the local gamekeeper's to check the reservoir when on there rounds at all time of the day and night .