Privacy Policy


MOREHALL FLY FISHING CLUB (MFFC) is a non-profit making voluntary association of persons interested in fly fishing and by subscription enables members to fly fish at the Morehall Reservoir which is currently leased to MFFC by Yorkshire Water Services.  The MFFC Constitution, which is issued to all members on joining and when from time to time it is updated, sets out the Club rules and governance process.  

In accord with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) which came into force in May 2018,  the Officers and Committee are committed to ensuring that  the privacy of each of the members is protected, respecting and keeping safe  the personal information provided by individual members on their selfcompletion application/renewal  form.  This gives the contact details for Morehall Fly Fishing Club as data controller. 

In applying for MFFC membership/renewal you are consenting to MFFC processing and holding your personal details as provided for the purposes  as stated. 

The purpose for collecting personal details is for internal record keeping and administration of your membership.  This includes or similar  

 the issue of  the current season’s private fishing permit which will contain a scan of a passport sized photograph provided by you on joining the Club  such  contact relating to the Club’s affairs as and when required  in the rare event of any essential information advised to the MFFC Secretary by Yorkshire Water Services or their approved contractors,  such as access to the reservoir, health and safety matters or similar.  such contact may be by post or by email where such optional information is provided on application or renewal.  


The only personal information held is that provided by each individual member on membership application/renewal.   No information is collected from any other source nor held on record. No bank details are held as currently subscriptions are paid by cheque or occasionally cash, save for recording the date of payment. This is except where the applicant has specifically requested payment by bank transfer when the proof of payment receipt should show the amount with account detailed struck out. No personal data will be shared with third parties. 

MFFC is committed to ensuring the personal details you have provided on the application/renewal form  is held securely and  have in place suitable physical, electronic and admin procedures to safeguard the information you provide in writing or by email.  MFFC cannot be held responsible for any breaches of your privacy arising from any other sources, be they written or electronic. 

If your membership ceases for any reason (including resignation, failure to make payment, incapacity, death) your records will be retained for a period of up to 2 years solely  for accounting and auditing purposes.  They will not be used for processing or contact. 

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 you have the right to ask for a copy of your details held, the right to amend these and/or correct any inaccuracies, the right to object and/or make a complaint and the right to withdraw consent.  

On any of these counts or if you have any queries, you should in the first instance contact MFFC Secretary in writing to the address given on the application / renewal form or on MFFC website. 

Email:                         5 February 2019